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Drawing practice: Puddle

I’m learning how to draw upside-down, and it’s actually pretty tempting to rotate the canvas (😅) I tried to stick with the original canvas orientation and learned how to draw human figure when they are looking up. It’s definitely a difficult task. Also, water reflection and texture (to show it’s, well, “water” as in water […]

Drawing practice: Bath time

A couple of days ago, I saw a Tiktok video by Yoshi Yoshitani, one of the artists I respect so very much. In the video, Yoshi discussed about values in color, and I got intrigued. So, yeah, here it is 😄 I started with the outline. Then, I added the layers with B/W/grayscale color to […]

Drawing practice: Rainy Day

While June – August usually means sunny hot weather for Indonesia and Malaysia, recently we have been having rainy days here in KL.


Madrid, Spain (July 18 – 24, 2022)

Proof that my jetlag is jetlag-ing. I typed “Spain, Madrid” on the title. Rest assured, it has been fixed. I just came back, still freshly exhausted from a team meetup in Langkawi when the leads group went, “LET’S GO FOR TEAM LEADS MEETUP!” I love traveling and meeting my friends. I really do. However, the […]

Langkawi, 2022

I made a 2-minutes video when my team had a team meetup in Langkawi a couple of weeks ago (“Leviosa” is the name of my team. Yes, that Leviosa.) This blog is the first one to see it 😎 Some of the pics and the videos didn’t sync as good as I want at the […]

Indonesia Trip (December 2019)

Back in December, we decided to have a week-long trip to Indonesia, specifically to Jakarta and Purwokerto (my, hm, I want to say it as ‘hometown’, but it’s not exactly my hometown. I was born and raised in Cilacap, Central Java — and my parents moved to Purwokerto back in 2005 when my dad retired.) […]

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