Plants Updates

I’m that kind of person with the ability of killing a plastic cactus. Once, a golden pothos perished on my hand. PERISHED. A gardener once went agape when I mentioned to them that I once killed a mint plant. Mint is a very invasive, strong plant — it even considered as garden weed. And I killed it.

Anyway, that doesn’t stop me from trying. Yesterday, I bought myself a Thai chili plant, bayleaf plant, and kaffir lime plant. Bought a couple of jade plants too, so I’m happy ✨

(Left to right) Thai chili, golden pothos, bayleaf (on the back), kaffir lime (on the front,) and three golden pothos plants
The succulents!

And I found out that I’m proud plantmom! 🌱

LOOK AT THAT TINY CUTIEPIE, OKAY. SOMETHING ACTUALLY ALIVE AND THRIVE UNDER MY CARE — or, uh, neglect. Because sansevieria thrives on neglect.


I was so confused when I water the smaller sansevieria because it supposed to stay on the center — while I noticed it seems like slightly moved to the side and the pot seems crowded.

I tilted the pot and I noticed a wee smaller plant next to its bigger sibling! Yay!

Please wish me luck! Hopefully the plants are staying healthy and happy!


2 responses to “Plants Updates”

  1. Ditaa Avatar

    High five plant mom! That cute little baby leaves indeed what motivates me to care for them. My current favorite is dwarf banana tree, a new leave for each week!

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    1. Nindya Avatar

      Yaaay! Thank you! ✨✨✨🌱🌱🌱 And yes, they are super cute! I really hope I can take better care of them so they will grow healthy ✨


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