coriander in pho is hosted on WordPress.com; written and maintained by Retno Nindya.

The name is inspired from my trip to Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam in 2009 – where I noticed coriander leaf/cilantro garnish on my pho. I found myself loving cilantro ever since, and pho is one of my favorite meals.

My name is Retno Nindya, and my online nickname is Kappa or Kapkap. I’m from Indonesia, and I’ve been living in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia since 2014 with my husband and my two kids. I’m a Happiness Engineer in Automattic, Inc. for WordPress.com Support. If you happen to contact us on UTC+7 or UTC+8 hours, you might find me on the e-mail or chat.

I like to read books, playing Animal Crossing: New Horizon on my Nintendo Switch, and drawing/illustrating with some past amateur gigs (Illustration for Greenhost Hotel Yogyakarta’s gardenpersonal commission for my friend’s baby shower, and personal commission for my friend’s reunion event.) You can find my works here.

As much as I love to share my thoughts, writings, and works, I found myself keep second guessing myself whenever I try to write on this blog — regardless the fact that this blog is my personal safe space. Working as Happiness Engineer in WordPress.com helps me to see tons of websites and blogs out there; suffice to say, they inspire me to write more without any care in the world.

My journey on applying to Automattic (2018) — in Indonesian: