Billie Eilish and AM/FM memory

When I first heard Billie Eilish, I thought her voice is unusual — and I was on the unsavory side.

But as I listen to her songs, it brings certain memory.

When I just started university, I had this small AM/FM radio from my dad. I usually listened to it before bedtime, with low volume, and fell asleep as I listened to the songs and the radio DJ. Some nights, I was wide awake, typing my papers. We didn’t have Spotify or even rich enough to subscribe to streaming service. It was the days of MP3s, where college students found MP3s from each other’s USB stick. Either radio or your Winamp MP3 player on infinite loop.

The crackles from the radio and the white noise afterwards when the broadcast ended had a soft spot on my mind and my heart. I guess that’s the reason why I like lo-fi genre so much — and I found myself listening to Billie more recently.

Billie Eilish ‘everything i wanted’.



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  1. I S R A E L Avatar
    I S R A E L

    All time best..

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