Symphonic Anime by Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra

Anime songs/soundtracks are nothing new for orchestra. Joe Hisaishi is one of the maestros of orchestra and he has been delivering tons of fans’ favorites, most notably from Studio Ghibli’s movies.

Performing anime songs is part of MPO (Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra) routines and it’s quick becoming the most-awaited events. Tickets tend to sold out in a matter of minutes, and the orchestra even had to add more showtime to accomodate fans’ requests. I personally feel this is really awesome, as general public sometimes still think orchestra is something ultra serious and “respected” while MPO actually just… Chill out with the audience and even wearing Kaonashi (No Face) costume from Studio Ghibli’s “Sen to Chihiro” (Spirited Away) 😆

This concert was not our first time, although it was the first orchestra for Rey. Our first MPO performance was “Ratatouille in Concert” (yes, THAT Disney Pixar “Ratatouille”) back in 2016 with Gerard Salonga as the conductor. You might wondering how MPO allows children in the venue; it’s part of their program! The orchestra has Family Day program on regular basis 😄 One of the orchestra’s missions is to introduce orchestra and music to the public, and they provide Family Day for children-friendly shows.

Also! Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra performed “Bella Ciao” with Yuna for Netflix’s “Money Heist”. I MEAN— YUNA, MY QUEEN.

Anyway! We enjoyed the concert so very much! I really love how Naohisa Furusawa-sensei, the conductor, brought up the energy and the passion from the anime shows to the music. Furusawa-sensei even shared with the audience his memory of reading Shonen Jump! magazine when he was in junior high school and mentioned fondly of how Ultraman Seven was his childhood hero — and yes, the orchestra performed songs from Ultraman Seven!

The performance was closed with “Guren no Yumiya” from “Attack of Titan” (Shingeki no Kyouji ) and the venue was filled with thunderous applause. Wira mentioned how he wanted to watch anime as soon as we arrived home 😄 (he has been watching “Beyblade” and “Spy x Family” on Netflix.)

When you are in Kuala Lumpur, do give Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra a visit!

With the staff. They are wearing costumes too! So fun!
A short video I made on Tiktok


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