Nope. Still no negative news. I also found my anosmia comes and goes — most of the times, in-between. Like, I can smell Vicks VapoRub, but I can’t smell anything from my shampoo (and it’s obnoxiously fragranced.) I can smell curry, but I can’t smell teriyaki sauce. It feels like my nose is a factory complex, and they shut down some of the areas and keep some stay on.

Anyway! We have sunny day here in this wonderful Saturday, and since we FINALLY have a newly appointed Prime Minister after 5-6 days of no movements, next Monday is declared as a public holiday. KL-ites left the town in throngs last night to enjoy the long weekend, so I guessed the apartment complex will be pretty quiet.

I decided to go to the rooftop to caught some sun. And yes, I wear mask on my way there — and I only removed it when I’m alone and outdoor.

This is the outdoor fitness area. I personally like our gym, but this area is perfect if you want to exercise in the morning too.

And look at the sun!

I always thought I hated sun — born and raised in the tropics, I have enough of sun. After Denver, though, I appreciate sun — AND HUMIDITY — a whole lot more.

Too bad I didn’t bring anything to drink. I was in a bad mood since yesterday, what’s with being confined and stuff. Having an alone moment like this outdoor definitely helps.




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