Quick Update

Things have been pretty busy recently (a week before Eid, during Eid, and a week after Eid) — especially with my siblings visiting KL. So, yeah.

Anyway, Eid has been quite fun — although my idea of “fun” might be quite different from other people’s idea. Being away from family and relatives gives us a really quiet Eid, thus less energy to spend (preparing and enduring the whole… Thing.) It’s true that it feels slightly lonelier, but I actually happy to spend Eid without its “compulsory” grandiose (“Oooh! You should buy new clothes for Eid!” Like, WTF, buying new dress just to be wore ONCE? No, thank you. I’d rather splurge my money buying UNIQLO’s super comfortable T-shirts) and excessive food just because “you have to do it!”

So as you might have guessed, our Eid was about (blissful) quietness and some Skype and Facetime calls to our relatives in Indonesia.

I’d rather see other people doing all the partying and celebrating while I sip my cup of tea while watching fireworks of the said party/celebration from afar. Less crowd and less noise.

Yes. I must be reeeaaaallyyyyy fun at parties.

(You might find me next to the buffet table, though. Stuffing my face with food so I don’t have to do some kind of actual conversation with other people)




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