His Wife

There are times when we remember something unpleasant from our past. Mostly, it came out of the blue. For some, it’s a trigger and might cause panic attack; for others, it’s “nothing more” than a lump in the chest and some kind of selfish gratefulness of passing the horror.

Just now I’m watching TV series ‘Criminal Minds’ (season 10 episode 15) and suddenly I remember my ex-boyfriend.

Not specifically him, though.

His wife.

I don’t know his wife. I never meet her.

But I wonder, how is she?

I was in a really toxic relationship with my ex back then, and it went to some kind of abuse. At first, physical abuse. Then, mental abuse.

I remember some of his words: “why do you have to make things worse? Why don’t you calm me down?! Why can’t you make things perfect?! It’s all your fault!”

(And those words were uttered on a scene in the current episode of ‘Criminal Minds’ I’m watching, so yeah, it’s quite a trigger)

Now I’m wondering how is his wife.

I pray for her to have a safe and happy life.

Most ultimately; safe life.




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