WordPress v. Google+

Not actually “versus” as in fighting, per se; but this issue annoys me a lot.

So this morning I just connected my blog here to my G+ account. It used to be pretty easy with my G+ automatically updated whenever I update my blog. However, this morning I re-connected my blog with my G+ (I disconnected both apps several years ago when some freakos added me on G+) when I noticed the content from my blog is stated as private/’Shared only with you’

So I checked some articles and WP support forum and all of them suggested on Settings > Manage apps & +1’s on posts.

Problem is…

… and sad Kappa too

404 page and sad, broken robot.

I don’t know since when this happened, but I agree with one writer said something about “while Twitter and FB made it quite simple to share our contents, I don’t know why Google made it really difficult.

I do, however, found the list of apps connected to my Google account on Google’s My Account.

But that’s it. No ‘Edit’ feature. Just a list of apps and what it does and its access limits.


I really wonder why they made it quite difficult in sharing the content while on the same time, they want their G+ flourish.



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