Rembrandt and The Rijksmuseum

During my short transit in Amsterdam last week, I got this wonderful opportunity to visit the Rijksmuseum @ Schiphol Airport.

I really love the idea of bringing museums, galleries, and educational centers on other public spaces such as airports. It gives opportunity for travelers, visiting a country on such short time (during transit, for example,) or unable to venture the cities due to lack of access (not having any permits or visa to enter the city), to know more about the city and the country they are currently visiting.

And naturally, we can find Rembrandt on the Rijksmuseum.

Portrait of Ephraim Bueno — Rembrandt Harmensz van Rijn (1606-1669)

According to the information plate, this is a picture of one of Rembrandt’s circle of friends. Ephraim Bueno is a Jewish physician, poet, and translator from Portugal.

Interestingly, Rembrandt painted this portrait as a preparatory study for a print. Rembrandt concentrated on the face and the division of light and dark (one thing he’s really REALLY good at) — the rest, though, was less important. That explains the coarse brush strokes on the clothing and hands.

I really hope I can have the opportunity to fully visit Amsterdam — with a visa, of course! — so I can visit the Rijksmuseum in the town.

For the time being, though, I might need to be content with one of the awesomest flashmob here.


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