Cleaning v. Exercising (Sport)

I decided to re-up my Bloglovin’ account and visited the app which garnered dusts on my phone and I found this article from The Apartment Therapy.

“Okay, so the study was conducted by Mr. Clean (along with market research company Ipsos), which naturally wants us to like cleaning so we’ll keep buying magic erasers in bulk. Still, the results are interesting.

The study, called the “Joy of Cleaning,” included a sample of 62 people between the ages of 25 and 45. In order to be part of the experiment at all, everyone had to have a neutral-to-positive attitude toward cleaning.”

I’m glad they mentioned who’s who behind the research and what kind of certain traits needed on the sample; so to say the research totally neutral would be a bit incorrect, but I got that.

Me myself have a positive tendency to cleaning; sure, I let dirty laundries on the floor once in a while. However, the article/research might explains why I always prefer cleaning to exercising.

I’ve been trying to do simple exercising lately, namely yoga because I can do that at home. But even for a really simple bedtime/relaxation yoga would prove challenging to me.

But cleaning, I do like cleaning. There was a day where I spent my early morning tidying the house, changing the bedsheets, doing laundry, then doing my usual daily Support work. Instead of feeling tired or sluggish, I feel quite energized. I’m glad about this, though. I like to clean, and hopefully this can be a good reminder and motivation for me to move more.



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