UNIQLO x Animal Crossing: New Horizons

I heard about UNIQLO x Animal Crossing: New Horizons line on UNIQLO’s FB Page. I think it was… 1-2 days before the lockdown, and we already decided to not going outside unless absolutely necessary, so I ordered it from UNIQLO app.

This is actually my favorite.

I like it because it’s like “inside joke” among Animal Crossing players. Even in the game, Dodo Airlines (DAL) sometimes sending out merchandise through mail to our characters.

At the back of the shirt, it has Wilbur’s quote (one of the dodo birds: Orville and Wilbur. A really sweet nod to Wright brothers): “We’ll be making a water landing but that’s OK because this is a seaplane.”

I’m actually annoyed they only have this design for kids.

UNIQLO also mentioned they provide the t-shirt designs in-game. Players can visit UNIQLO island using Dream Address (Nintendo Online Membership is needed) and we can download the designs.

They have this MASSIVE flowers gardens — two gardens on the east and the west side of the island. They also built this store replica on the island. Be prepared to have your Nintendo Switch lagged a bit when visiting there. It sure takes quite some time to render.

Taking picture on UNIQLO (shop) island!
UT Garden

I also got the one with Daisy Mae and her turnips.

That design is actually on the back of the shirt. The front one looks like this.

Another thing that I wish UNIQLO would improve is how they classify their shirts. I understand they have men, women, and kids categories, but for unisex products such as t-shirts, they might want to make it unisex. The DAL and the Daisy Mae designs actually available under Men category.

Happy Friday, folks! We are halfway through our lockdown here in Malaysia. Stay safe and stay healthy!


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