Inktober Day 21: Fuzzy

I’m taking the meaning of “fuzzy” as “abstract” or “unclear”.

In Ghibli “Sen to Chihiro” (Spirited Away), the character No-Face (Kaonashi) is neither good or bad. I even feel Kaonashi is childlike. Chihiro shows kindness to Kaonashi, which makes Kaonashi following Chihiro with hope Kaonashi can make Chihiro happy. Kaonashi received excessive attentions and splurged on lavishness from the bathhouse’s staffs which caused Kaonashi behaved terribly. It was until Kaonashi left the bathhouse, they returned to their original form. Chihiro even mentioned it in the movie, “the bathhouse is bad for him.”

I want to apply the same concept on this drawing. This drawing is derived from Inktober Day 6: Spirit.

I want to draw a forest spirit, curious in nature, and guarded closely by the fairies as it’s placed inside fairy ring — the forest spirit should not step outside the ring, for it can go to the human world and get corrupted in return. Those who wanders deep inside the forest might meet the spirits, and one needs to respect the spirits and its realm. Forest does what forest needs to do.




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