The Roost Time

I wrote about this on my work’s weekly update a couple of weeks ago, and I’m thinking I can blog about it here too.

In Animal Crossing game, there is a character named Brewster, a green pigeon, who’s running a café titled “The Roost”. This character and the café were finally introduced to Animal Crossing: New Horizons (we have a lot of Animal Crossing games out there) on its major update back in early November 2021.

There is this… reward-system in Animal Crossing called “Nook Miles”. When you finished a task, you will be rewarded some amount of Nook Miles — and you can use Nook Miles to buy decorations or visit treasure/resources islands on the game. One of the tasks is: “Break time at The Roost” — meaning that you go to The Roost and order a cup of coffee from Brewster.

One day, I played this game before bedtime, and since I got pressed with time (I have to finish digging dinosaur fossils and get them assessed so I can sell it for a nice sum of money at the store, and the store closed at 10 PM) I ran around the island to collect everything and cleaning out every fallen tree branch or pulled some wild weeds on the island.

It’s just a game…

Yes, and I found myself exhausted when I finished selling the dinosaur fossils. I decided to go to The Roost and to get my digital cup of coffee.

This is not making any sense, yes, I know, and nothing makes any sense, so please bear with me 🥲

(I once refused to have my character swimming in the ocean during last year’s winter because “IT’S SNOWING OUT THERE! IT’S COLD!” regardless of the fact that it’s a game.)

When I visited The Roost, I just realized how calm and chill the environment is. It’s really quiet, with only Brewster around (sometimes you can find other villagers on the café too, but not always,) and some instrumental piano song plays softly.

I sat down, ordered a cup of coffee (200 bells per cup), and enjoyed it.

Then it hits me.

I can have my own The Roost time. I can take a break between shifts, between my daily activities, to… I don’t know, a cup of tea, a cup of coffee, a cup of hot chocolate, even a tall glass of cold water. Just for a minute or two; not thinking about stuff.

This is a marathon, not a sprint.

And I hope, you have your The Roost time too. To sit down, take a minute to breathe, and know that you are doing really really well.


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