Quick rice noodles (bee-hoon) soup

Just now, I looked into my fridge to find something for lunch. I’m not fasting as I’m having my period (in Islam, you can be exempted from doing Ramadan fasting under several special conditions — and period/menstruation is one of them (alongside pregnancy, breastfeeding, and old age.))

Here’s the thing about Ramadan; you got used with the eating pattern, you started to feel full even in the noon-day. I personally enjoy Ramadan due to its “simplicity”: I don’t have to think what’s for lunch.

Anyway! I was looking for food and food delivery options were not super tempting. I noticed we had leftover fried chicken (ayam goreng Kalasan) and unopened round/Chinese cabbage. I mused the idea of having regular noodles, but I opted to rice noodles instead.

I chopped the round cabbage and shredded the chicken. I prepared shallots and garlics.

I sautéed sliced shallots and garlics, then I tossed in egg and the cabbage. I then took half of the chicken and added it on the pan — the other half is used for the soup.

Once it’s ready, I put them aside. I took a saucepan and filled it with water. Then, I put the remaining chicken, rice noodles, and the chopped spring onions.

I’m not much of a “soup” person (meaning, I like soup, but I always prefer the amount of liquid to be less) — that’s why you can see on the pic that the soup looked less than usual.

Also, yes, I can’t be bothered to take “pretty pictures”.

Added some salt, sugar, and white pepper to taste.

Once it’s ready, put the noodles on the bowl then top it off with the sautéed topping we made before (bonus: sprinkle spring onions on top of it) — then realized that you just made a meal enough for 2-3 people, but your husband is currently fasting and the kids are at school.

I’m so gonna take a nap after this.

(Kidding. I still have tons of docs to check and update. I’m going to need a strong cup of coffee after this.)



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