Drawing practice: Bath time

A couple of days ago, I saw a Tiktok video by Yoshi Yoshitani, one of the artists I respect so very much. In the video, Yoshi discussed about values in color, and I got intrigued. So, yeah, here it is 😄

I started with the outline.

Then, I added the layers with B/W/grayscale color to determine the values.

Determining value is crucial and helpful if you want to build focus on your art. Meaning that, you know which area you want your viewers to see first. The main character(s).

I’ve been struggling with “flatness” on my works, and for most of the times, I didn’t know why and how it happened. There are tons of artworks out there that superbly executed, balanced between light and shadow and drama. Thanks to Yoshi’s Tiktok video, I learned A LOT in 5 minutes (I wonder if Yoshi has online courses I can enroll? It can be a good activity to do during my sabbatical in 2024!)

I want to focus on the mice, so I added the high value on them and the supporting items as the foreground characters.

Then, I determined the background — specifically, the darker ones. This should help to pop up the main characters and serve to its purpose: Background.

Once I’m satisfied with the values, I added the colors. Here it is!

This is still far from perfect, but I’m so happy with the result! A bit of note; when I colored the areas, I did it on top of the grayscale layers so I won’t forget which areas with specific values. When I hide the grayscale layers, I was so pleasantly surprised to see the drawings looking like children storybook!

This is so exciting. I’m so happy and I’m excited to learn more.



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