My Spotify in 2019

Earlier today, our office Slack channels went abuzz with Spotify Wrapped 2019.

It was a memory trip 😂 Early 2019 was Spotify’s ‘Evening Jazz’ on repeat, then it started to move to lo-fi by the end of 2019.

I would recommend you folks to listen to Ilya Mann if you like slow jazz (although there are only two of his original works on Spotify: ‘Inner City Drive’ and ‘Halfway’)

If you like upbeat cute music, you can check Lullatone.

How about you folks? Feel free to share your top musician/artist and your favorite songs throughout 2010-2019 😄

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One response to “My Spotify in 2019”

  1. Fikri Rasyid Avatar

    Mine went full Barasuara and alternative music combined with pop 🤣

    Anyway this yearly recap thing Spotify made is so fun; i’m really glad that i made decision to ditch Apple Music for Spotify years ago. I recalled it was due to annual recap as well 🤔

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