Puzzle games: YOLO? and Find Out — Hidden Objects

Recently, I keep seeing game ads in-between stories whenever I’m checking my friends’ IG Stories. Some of them are pretty familiar to me; such as ‘Homescapes’ (I’m currently playing it.) Another one that I keep seeing it on many social media accounts is ‘Legend of The Phoenix’ (some kind of role-play game based on historical Chinese kingdom) — it seems they have been spending quite amount of money to advertising themselves.

Then I saw this game: ‘YOLO?’ by CacaCat.

The premise is: You are God of Death’s apprentice and your task is to kill the humans (yeah, it’s pretty morbid.) This game reminds me of ‘Dumb Ways to Die’ but instead of avoiding accidents, you are deliberately creating the incidents.

This is a game where you need to interact with the items and manipulate it so it will create some kind of action and reaction which ended up killing the human. If you played ‘Tiny Thief’, you might be familiar with it.

I wish they would bring back Tiny Thief. This is a fun game.

(Memory intensifies)

If you like puzzle games, this is for you.

You can click the items there and use it to create some kind of chain reactions to kill the humans.

And there are special chapters where the humans put revenge on the little demons.

I personally enjoying this game very much as you need to figure out on how to break the puzzles. Sometimes, you even need to break some small puzzles in the game to get some stuffs.

Another similar game that you can try is ‘Find Out — Hidden Objects‘, in case ‘YOLO?’ game might not be your preferences as, uhhh, yeah, the idea of being the bringer of death might be pretty intense for some. This game has several types that you can try. I personally really like the discovery-type. Similar like ‘YOLO?’, you need to interact with the items to find the hidden objects.

You can see the list of items you need to find at the bottom. Some are pretty easy to find, and some might need bit of tweaks (even shaking your phone or viewing it upside-down helps!)

There are levels that you can play; for the newer ones, you will need to wait for a day.

There are other types of hidden objects game, but I’m not really interested on it. However, if it’s your cup of tea, feel free to try it!

Both games are free with in-app purchases, so ads interruptions are expected. I personally don’t mind about it as folks need money to operate and develop the game. If you prefer to have no-ads version, you can always upgrade the app. The developers are adding new levels regularly too (especially for ‘YOLO?’, and you can ask for more levels/suggest more levels on ‘Find Out’) so make sure you check them regularly.

Find the iOS app here:

Have fun playing!




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