(Leftover) chicken porridge with sweet pumpkin

I suddenly remembered one of my colleagues once asked this question: “Do you have any tips on how to combat post-lunch sleepiness?”

This is one of the tips.

Recently, I’ve been taking a liking to pumpkin and sweet potatoes. My favorite is steamed sweet pumpkin with soy sauce and a bit of white pepper.

Just now, I noticed we have a leftover from our Sunday lunch: Korean fried chicken with honey coating (by Kyochon 1991.) The chicken was on the fridge, so I went with my usual route: Add it on oatmeal porridge.

I took 4 pieces of chicken wings and pulled all the meat/deboned it. At the same time, I boiled a quarter of sweet pumpkin (the smaller variety.) Once the pumpkin is soft enough, I put them aside.

Then, I prepared for the porridge: Four tablespoons of oatmeal, water, and chopped green onions. As for the seasonings, I added garlic powder, MSG, and half package of instant noodles seasoning (Maggi noodles. My son once made a couple of Maggi noodles soup and he left one seasoning package so the noodles won’t be too salty.) I didn’t add any salt because the seasoning powder is salty enough.

As I stir the porridge, I put some of the chicken and the pumpkin into the porridge to add more flavor. I put aside some of them as toppings.

Once the porridge is ready, I put the rest of the chicken and the pumpkin as toppings. Garnish it with green onions.

This gets me through the afternoon without feeling lethargic and hangry. Highly recommended.




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