Peachtober Day 14: Town

Officially using Procreate! ✨

You can find the differences with the previous works — especially on brushes. Also, the color palette. Procreate has color palette feature and it’s super pretty! I’m yet to explore the other palettes (and I’m hoping I can create one too!) so I’m excited!

You can see I changed my mind on the initial coloring as I tried to get better feelings on the brushes then some more brushes swatches. You can also noticed I changed the position of the hat, because my goal is for folks to recognize the model is a cat. If the ears are covered, we can’t pinpoint what animal it is.

Brushes: Dry Ink (outline), Tinder Box (coloring,) and Oberon (coloring for wider area (sky))

Palette: Campfire


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