Asal Mula Balet

Semalam baru bisa tidur selepas tengah malem karena keasikan nonton sejarah balet dari kelas publik Royal Opera House.

Were some of the early steps influenced by the sport of fencing in the court of Louis XIV?

Baca di bagian komentar, ada yang mengatakan bahwa fakta sejarah — terutama teknik anggar — yang ditampilkan di video ini kurang tepat. Sayang sekali ya. Semoga bisa ada video lagi dengan hasil riset yang lebih detil dan akurat.

With all respect due to Mme. Hageli, I’ve been studying the history of fencing (and practicing the art) for some time, and I’m afraid I don’t know about any boots—the feet are turned out because it is more biomechanically efficient for the lunge. There is evidence for specialized fencing shoes, but nothing I am aware of for fencing in boots.

Other quibbles: The dancers’ movement is not correct for baroque fencing, but rather looks like modern ballet. Further, though they have beautiful costumes, they are not using the proper weapon for the court of Louis XIV, but rather cheap reproductions of 19th century sabres.

While I am not an expert on the history of dancing, and would not presume to comment on that subject, I am somewhat knowledgeable about the history of fencing.




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