Coriander in Pho

There is something exhilarating about creating new blog and typing that “Hello! First blog post!” entry — although I’m wondering if I will ever be that, um, diligent in maintaining this blog (let alone I kinda abandon my main blog.)

I made this blog to check if I can have blog but with my own domain; and I just realized that you need to pay US$ 13 to park your domain. Paying is not a problem, but the method of payment… Well, that’s one thing. I don’t have PayPal account or credit card (yes, I’m living in Stone Age, thank you) so I guess it’s kinda… Impossible? LOL.

And now, yes, NOW I wonder what this blog will be. I mean, I practically wrote almost everything on my main blog and I don’t know if I have any other content for this blog. Hmph.




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