Before I Knew Everything

I’ll remember the days before I knew everything

The Automattic Creed (part of it)

In Automattic, we have creed — some kind of a promise, an oath, that we need to remember and love and live.

The one above is actually my favorite. When I applied for Automattic, there was this question, “what do you think about the first creed? ‘I will never stop learning’?”

I’m sure my answer at that time was 20% actually answering that question and proceeded spending the rest 80% with my favorite creed.

My second favorite is, “ask forgiveness, not permission” — which I believe I have abused so many times with, “huh, what does this button do? *CLICK*”

(Not exactly a creed, but it’s like some kind of company’s collective spirit)

And working as Support makes me appreciate that moment, the not-knowing-before-knowing. Sometimes folks told me, “this must be easy for you, you do this every day!” But before that “easy” part, there was me, almost cried my eyes out in front of my laptop with a mixture of frustrations, failure, and anger — and another round of, “lets try again” (it might sound quite masochist, but yeah…)

And in a weird sense, it feels like you are playing a puzzle. You tried once, twice, then you took a deep breath. A quick break. A glass of water.

Then tried again.

And again.

Until it becomes a second nature on you.

Then before you know it, you already knew.

And I feel that’s pretty awesome. You do you.


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