Morning walk (February 1, 2020)

Hey! After days of non-update, here I am.

Anyway, sometimes I got pings or questions from my friends or relatives when they are going to visit Kuala Lumpur for the first time:

“Do you have any recommendations for places we can go?”

Most of times, I usually refer them to popular guides and places; such as Twin Towers, KL Tower, Genting Highland (I’m actually not super familiar with this place apart that this place is a resort), Batu Caves, and our ever-increasing number of malls.

However, I usually suggest them to look some parks, especially if they prefer outdoor activities. KL provides quite amount of parks, and it seems they are actively working on preserving their old heritage area and promoting more on their historical and nature aspect.

One of the parks is Taman Tasik Titiwangsa (Titiwangsa Lake Gardens), a park which newly refurbished and reopened to the public, used to be a tin mine — and the lake used to be the lake commonly found in mines (AFAIK, another lake from old mine which repurposed as public places is the one in Sunway Lagoon.)

It was really nice; the sun was clear at that day and the kids enjoying the walk (quite a rare occasion because the eldest usually go, “too much heat, too much grass, too much sun, too much sky, too much air…” with the youngest one copying her brother, “too much! Sun! Sky! Too much! Hot! CAKWAWAT! (“Cakwawat”. When a 3-year old combining the word “cockroach” and “kecoak” (Indonesian word for “cockroach”), resulted in entirely new word which she liberally use for virtually every single bug possible.)) The bike lane is bit small, considering how crowded the park could be, but the whole experience has been nothing but lovely.

With the Twins at the background
A monitor lizard swam through; or as my friend, Sonia, commented: “Nyooom.”

Update from front:

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