As we are skeptically looking at the end of August and the rest of 2020, I wanted to see how far we have gone — or didn’t go at all because travel restrictions and all that.

Early 2020, when we were such sweet summer children — not realizing the horror descended upon us.

Then… Everything stopped.

There have been so many pain and tears and anxieties. However, it didn’t deter so many humor and encouraging words.

“Stay at home. Don’t be afraid of getting weight, because you can always getting slim again. If you died, you can’t go back alive again.”

And somehow, friendships and connections are reformed through video calls and chats.

We appreciate more folks, the frontliners — pandemic or not, they are always out there, taking care of our needs. No, I’m not accepting your apology because you have done more than needed and we know you are putting yourselves out there to ensure we are okay. I’m sorry, and thank you.

Please don’t be sorry! It’s okay! Thank you for your hard work!

We appreciate small things now — as simple as a haircut.

Slowly but surely, we starting to build and regain our lives back. It haven’t happened yet on some places, but all of us are working on it.

Stay safe and stay healthy, folks. We can do this.

Obligatory KL sunset pic

9 responses to “2020: Halfway”

  1. 2020 is all about success.
    But, success requires hardwork..


    1. I agree. I really hope things will be better for all of us


      1. Hey can I ask you something?


          1. You know what, am new in here.
            So, the thing is. You ever monetize your blogs?.🤔


            1. Oh, I never interested on monetizing my blog 😅 I’m not consistent enough on creating contents — and site monetization requires traffics and contents. I use this blog just for blogging 😄


          2. Thanks much…
            Was just asking…🙂😁
            Catch ya later..


            1. No worries! 😄 Have a great day there 👋


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