c.gua haul

As usual, I was on Tiktok, scrolled my FYP (For You Page) timeline when I saw an illustrator created a really cute penguin character, printed it, and made the drawings as mask protector.

Then I found out the illustrator is a Malaysian.

Then I thought, “if that person has an online shop, RIP wallet.”


Chonk, round, absolute unit creature?


Emperor penguin chicks stand-off against a petrel then an adelie penguin, as properly described by the narrator, “the feistiest penguin”, helped the chicks by standing right in front, facing the petrel as the petrel realized YOU DON’T MESS WITH ADELIE PENGUINS?

… They have an online shop in Shopee Malaysia. I might need to do some kind of Viking funeral of my wallet.

This is what I really love from small business owners. They always take their time to write handwritten note with sweet and kind messages.

I ordered postcards (10 pieces per set) and masking tape (3 pieces per set) from them. When I opened the package, I also received free stickers! Thank you so much!

Do you have local/small businesses that you love? Feel free to share!

Illustrations by c.gua.
Instagram: @c.gua

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