Ramadan 2021

Iiiit’s the first day of Ramadan!

Ramadan is an Islamic holy month. During this month, the moslems fast by stopping eating and drinking when the sun rises (subuh/soobooh) until the sun sets (iftar/maghrib) — and we do this for 30 days.

“No eating, I can understand. NO DRINKING? Even water?”

Even water, yep. It’s a literal fast as nothing should be consumed for a whole day. It’s the time for the moslems to reflect oneself and learn about patience, perseverance, and kindness.

And yes, I already used with, “… did you die?” questions 😆

Ari and I have been revamping our suhoor (the morning meal) menu since last year. We found that the more we eat during suhoor, the more we feel uncomfortable (hello, gastric acid,) and lethargic we are during the day.

Apparently, our best type of suhoor meal is the one with less carb, and more veggies and fruits.

Ari made a tomato and cucumber salad with yogurt and olive oil. I made myself omelette (with chives), and we also have sliced oranges.

We do put more attention on water, though. Two glasses of water during suhoor, two glasses of water during iftar (breaking the fast,) and two glasses of water before bedtime.

So far, things went pretty well. I had a headache in the noontime because the blood sugar dropped and my body still adjusting (telltale sign that I’ve been snacking too much when I’m working 😆) I had to take a longer break due to that — although luckily, it was pretty quiet on the office’s Slack channels too.

I’m pretty pumped about tomorrow. Hopefully my body can adjust things better as Ramadan progresses.

Happy Ramadan, folks! May all of us have a blessed Ramadan.


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