Astra-Zeneca Part Two

We are fully vaccinated! ✨

When we had our first dose back on May, we prepared for 12 weeks of waiting time before the second dose.

This is the picture from our first dose process (May 2021)

I… forgot if I have wrote about my first dose experience here. Anyway! It was on May 15, several days after Eid al-Fitr. It was on Saturday, and we realized it was the first weekend during the vaccination program (the program started on Monday) so things were a bit super busy and slightly chaotic. The security teams were busily managing the lines and had to yell many times to give information.

Anyway! We received news several weeks ago that the waiting time in-between doses for Astra-Zeneca can be reduced to 9 weeks. We didn’t have to do anything, though. We only need to wait for notifications on our second dose appointment — then two weeks ago, we received SMS notification that our second dose is on July 17 (yesterday.)

There was not a lot of pics as I really don’t want to stop and making lines behind me 😅 But I can tell the committee has definitely upped their game! The lines are clearer now. There are several lines available:

  • Malaysia citizens, and…
  • Non-Malaysia citizens


  • First dose
  • Second dose

It was pretty cool. The lines are easier to navigate, and there are security folks and volunteers on several points to help folks with checking their status and scanning the QR code on the MySejahtera app (this is the app for our contact tracing throughout the pandemic.)

ALSO, shout out to the committee for providing Calm Room! For folks attending the vaccination process with concerns such as autism, panic attack, and/or anxiety, the team will be happy to help and attend their needs on Calm Room.

For the second dose, the process has been super quick since our data has been recorded and the only thing needed is some clarifications and cross-check. I arrived on check-in point then escorted to the vaccination jab station — all in less than 5 minutes.

Thank you so much, medical team!

In total, it was a… 20 minutes (including observation time) process, I guess? During the observation time, the committee assisted us on writing the second dose information on our vaccine card. This is definitely helpful and making things faster (also, avoid typos.)

It’s really bad that we are in the pandemic. I wish I could hug all the medics and volunteers there. They have been through a lot and working tirelessly to ensure we are all safe and healthy. Thank you so much, all of you! Stay safe and stay healthy!

(Currently, I’m having mild fever (37°C-ish) due to the vaccine’s side-effect. Mild joint discomfort and dizziness. However, nothing super serious. Oxygen saturation is still okay and I can still taste and smell stuffs. I’m stocking up on isotonic drink and some multivitamins. Get vaccinated if you can, friends! Stay safe and stay healthy!)


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