Recheck the current workflow, tweak it, and stick with it

“I need to be okay with making ugly things.”

In case it wasn’t obvious enough, I have been looking for organizing and habit-building tips since last weekend. I rechecked my bullet journal and I wanted to know which system/pattern that actually works for me.

One of my biggest mistake — or maybe THE biggest mistake — is to see other people’s journals and compare mine with theirs. I set myself on a certain level of aspiration, and I set myself to failure.

I rewatched Ryder’s bullet journal video (the OG), and read some articles on building habit and journaling (I steered clear from bullet journal bloggers. No hate at all; they have their own system and design, and more often than not, I found myself starting to compare my journal with their journal again.) From there, I found that my current system actually works!

I used to focus heavily on weekly and daily log. After I rechecked my workload, I found that I need to include monthly overview too (monthly goal) — so I’m going to use the original bullet journal system, minus the future spread (I don’t think I need the future spread yet.) I personally feel this is a good step as I start to see my work and my days in a longer term now. It used to be in a much shorter timeframe (daily); looking it on weekly and monthly helps me to feel optimistic too.


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