Inktober Day 19: Loop

In case it wasn’t super clear, I actually referring to the loop in, uh, knitting.

When I was little, I had this picture book by Kazuo Iwamura, titled “14 Tikus” (Fourteen Mice) — it’s a series of a family of mice, fourteen of them: from grandparents to grandchildren, and their daily activities and adventures in the forest.

The books are BEAUTIFUL. The pictures are— Chef’s kiss. A raspberry harvest scene can cover a lot; from the diligent ones to the ones who’s goofing around, and on the next page, you can see the youngest mouse cried because they got too tired of walking. When they arrived home, the father prepared the breakfast — mushroom soup and bread IT’S JUST SO CUTE AAAAAAAHHHH.

I really want to convey the memory of the book on my drawings, and I really hope I’m doing a good job on it. Who knows, maybe one day I can be like Kazuo Iwamura-sensei, and created my own story books?




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