Second vaccination for the kids

Last week (? Wait. 2 weeks ago?) the kids got their second vaccination.

I always thought having bigger kids vaccinated was easier. I mean, have you heard babies got their shot? The ✨ scream ✨

Oh how wrong I was.

Babies are actually pretty easy. They didn’t know what a gosh dang syringe is. The only thing they know is who is this stranger talking to my parents and why they are looking at me intently and what is that OW WHAT IS THAAAAT RAAAAAAGEEEEEEE FEAR MY MINI ANGERY oh I am now comfortable again okay Imma go back to sleep.

Especially Rey. When Rey was a toddler (1-2 years old,) it was REALLY easy to get her took her vaccinations. All you got to do is talk about food. The paediatrician once chatted about super foods, and Rey was in awe when the doctor mentioned the food: Avocados, blueberries, strawberries… The doctor pulled the syringe and the next thing we knew she emitted an, “ow!” but that’s that. The doctor continued chatted the properties of bananas and toasts and Rey was back to her imagination of enjoying buffet dinner.

Now that the kids are bigger, I forgot both of these mini humans inherited one major trait from me:

Dramatic tendency.

Both Wira and Rey know perfectly well what vaccines are. They know how the virus and the pandemic change people’s lives worldwide.

And they know, it only hurts momentarily.

Does it stop them? No. Also, they knew the amount of stickers and candies and promises should they show a bit of fear, and how they exerted it to their own benefits.

“I’m so scaaareeed!”

“I know. It shouldn’t take long. It should take 10 seconds max.”

“I heard other kids crying!”

“Yes. They are feeling nervous too. And that’s okay.”

“… … … Can we get stickers and candies after this?”


And they knew, their parents can’t refused it.

The pic was taken when they just climbed up into the car, clutching stickers. They managed to finish the house’s banana stock for a week and Rey decided to treat herself to five bottles of Yakult in one sitting.

And no, no side-effects. If any, they becoming more annoying on asking when dinner is ready.



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