The generation that went through a pandemic

Several days ago, Wira asked me. “Can I get tested?”

“… what test?”

“Covid test.”


“I’m not feeling well. I want to know if it’s Covid.”

We checked his temperature and his overall conditions, and we found out him not feeling well was actually due to lack of sleep (he has been sleeping late lately,) so no Covid. Thankfully.

It made me wonder, though. Wira and Rey both growing up, and spending a good chunk of the time, in the middle of the pandemic. For Wira, I feel the effect has been more profound as he is able to remember and comprehend of what is going on around him.

Wira and his peers. His generation. What kind of arts, writings, songs, plays, mindsets, and perspectives that coming out from his generation. The generation that witness the horror of a pandemic in such a young age. The generation that losing years of their childhood and grasping so many things at the same time.

(This writing is inspired after I read Seth Godin’s post “Generation C”)



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