Filbert speaks nothing but the TRUTH!

Ah, youth. I used to eat three bags of chips and drink milk directly from the jug while typing my final papers furiously — and got myself stayed awake with black coffee and cigarettes.

“Amuse” is too far-fetched. “Stressed out” and THE NEED TO MAKE OUR ISLAND ✨PERFECT✨ is all-time high.

I’m okay with the fruits and the woods. I’m NOT okay with the wasps. NOT OKAY, FILBERT. NOT OKAY.

My favorite is the snow-version. There is this jingle-thingy going on. Also, 11 PM version is my jam.

Dude. The kids on the game be like, “oh, Tom Nook is taking all our hard-earned money” and us the geriatric millennials be like, “WELCOME TO ADULTHOOD. AT LEAST I HAVE FULL OWNERSHIP OF MY OWN HOUSE 🥲”

Whatever floats. You can get a neat amount of money just by shelling seashells? I’m sold (refer to the comment by geriatric millennials pls)

Our lives are not fake. What fake is some politicians and self-proclaimed “world leaders” decided to throw hissy fit and attacking other countries under the pretence of “peace” which costing civilians’ livelihood and safety. I mean if you reeeeeally have to wage a fight with other so-called leaders, just pick a place and settle things with a game of UNO or Jenga and see who’s better in concentration and focus for goodness sake.



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