Journaling: How to?

I know I have been writing about journaling a couple of times here (and raving about bullet journal too,) but I want to know and hear (or read) your thoughts on journaling.

What is journaling for you?

Like, did you journal? Do you do journal? (I sense some grammatical errors there but please be kind to me, it’s 11 PM and my mind still racing with stuff.)

And if you do journal, what kind of things you write? Is it something like a personal diary/blog? Or perhaps more like a to-do list?

With me, I do my bullet journal as a to-do list. Mostly about work. Yes, not super fun.

I’m also aware that bullet journal can be anything — not limited to to-do list. Yes, you can journal and pour your heart on it.

Problem is, I can’t do that. I always feel that my thoughts are not worthy (???) enough for my bullet journal.

(Yes, it’s messed up.)

I had a chat with one of my colleagues and I shared with them about my anxiety, my tendency to be high-strung on everything, and my obsession with being in control of everything — add it up with FOMO.

My colleague suggested me to do journaling. I can either do it in the morning as Opening Act or in the afternoon after I work as Closing Act.

Problem is, I don’t know what to write. Gratitudes? Goals? What went right today? Hopes and fears? Reflections on how the day went? I can find myself getting more stressed out because I will go “OMG WHAT IF…” in no time 🥲

How do folks usually journal? And how do you make it as a calming activity instead of “trying to reflect on something but it makes you feeling worse in the end”?

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