Mid-2022, perhaps

It was when Ari and I visited medical clinic for our tummy problem when I saw a sign on the clinic door.

“Psychologists available.”

Along with the name of the doctors.

I might go take a visit. Perhaps after this month. I’m thinking July? August?

I have so many things in my mind with so many questions. Mostly “whys” and “hows”. Also, I really don’t want to self-diagnose myself — it’s one of the most dangerous approaches you can take on your well-being.

To have a professional looking into the Questions with me, and together we navigate the tangled ropes, would be wonderful.

I know I’m not alone.

And now, I can take up the sword and the shield, and meet the monsters. Or perhaps, it won’t be a monster. It will be me. Me looking at myself.

And we need to sit down and chat.




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