(Another) Langkawi Trip, Malaysia Day

Not to be confused with Malaysian Independence Day on August 31, Malaysia Day commemorates the establishment of Malaysia confederation when Malaya, North Borneo (Sabah), Sarawak, and Singapore united into a single state in 1963. Singapore separated from Malaysia two years later in 1965.

It’s a long weekend for Malaysia Day, and we decided to go to Langkawi since the kids have been wanting to go to Langkawi after I came back from a team meetup.

At first we wanted to just chill at the hotel, but then Ari saw Jupeter Holidays kiosk at the hotel lobby so we decided to take island hopping activity for Saturday activity: Visiting three islands surrounding the main island with boat: Dayang Bunting Island, Singa Besar Island, and Beras Basah Island. Each island has its own attractions: Dayang Bunting is part of Langkawi Geopark with natural conservation and freshwater lake (the lake was formed after a giant ancient cave collapsed,) Singa Besar island offers mangrove and eagle feeding, and Beras Basah island has beautiful white sand beach with calm waters, perfect for swimming and chilling out.

And yes, we are planning to visit Langkawi again next year, with more activities in mind 😄 Skycab, island hopping (again!), and sunset dinner cruise!

OldTown White Coffee Café at Langkawi International Airport
Lavender sunset
The chefs on the BBQ night at the hotel!
Stuff that I found during my morning walk by the beach

We reserved a boat just for the four of us. You can either reserve/charter a boat for your group only or have it shared with others. For personal charter, the payment is RM 400.

Wira saw a couple of monkeys on our way to the freshwater lake in Dayang Bunting island
Dayang Bunting island in the background. It looks like a sleeping pregnant lady (hence the name, “Dayang Bunting”)
The freshwater lake inside the island where folks can swim
Eagle feeding. The eagles descended when the boat captain threw the food to the water

Fun fact: During the eagle feeding, you will see two types of eagles: The brown eagles are the ones that’s the symbol of Langkawi. The black-and-white ones are sea eagles.

I keep seeing this kind of black stones in Beras Basah island. Is this vulcanic?
My favorite activity: Collecting sea shells (and returned them to the sea)

And as usual, Youtube video!




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