And then, it happens…

I know I supposed to write about the recent Division Meetup in Denver, but in a most uncharacteristically me, I didn’t take a lot of pictures and videos. I found myself drained throughout the travel, and while I enjoyed the meetup and meeting my colleagues, I couldn’t be in my 100% condition as I really want to take things slow. The flight reservation processes have been long, annoying, and painful, and I think I’m going to swore off from Egencia for a decade or so.


I got Covid.

I’ve been down with cold since Monday, and it was… Weird. It came suddenly. I remember I coughed once — once — in the morning, and things felt going downhill from there. I got tired easily and unable to concentrate. I had to excuse myself to logout earlier than usual and take a rest. In the night time, things got worse. My body aching all over, and I got serious chills. All that with my body temperature stays OK-ish/super low grade fever (37.2°C) so I didn’t suspect Covid.

The tiredness continued on the next day, but slightly better. I managed to do my work and logged out on time, even though I still got some mild headaches.

Now, at that point, I legit thought to myself:

“Huh. This feels similar with what happened when I got my first vaccination dosage.”

I got alarmed last midnight (last midnight? This midnight?) Being an Indonesian, I always have eucalyptus oil (minyak kayu putih) and Vicks VapoRub on my bedside table. This is the “if you know, you know”-moment. These two have really strong scents that said giving healing properties.

I took the eucalyptus oil and when I opened it, I realized I couldn’t smell anything. I took Vicks and sniffed it, still no dice.

With a really long whisper of “shitshitshitshitshitshit” because I didn’t want to wake up my husband, I took the Covid test and… Those two dreadful lines appeared.

I woke up my husband, and he checked on me if I’m alright (no chest pain, no difficulty in breathing, etc.) Thankfully, so far so good. I still have a bit of runny nose, and a slight cough. Some mild headaches are still here, but in general, I’m doing alright.

The only thing that I’m concerned is the loss of appetite, though. I guess it’s normal, since cold and flu tends to affect appetite, but I’m hoping I can get my appetite back so I can eat and recharge myself.

Also, I know that it’s recommended for Covid patients to sunbath, but gosh dang it, Kuala Lumpur’s weather is not being super sunny right now.

Thankfully, my husband and my kids are all tested negative.

Oh well. I have faith in you, two vaccination shots and two booster shots! Let’s beat this darn virus!




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