And onwards to the next day…

That T line looks really obnoxious, don’t you think?

Today’s test


Anyway! No fever, although if we are looking at my temperature, science books would tell me that rather than fever, I would have hypothermia by now.

(The normal average temperature of a healthy human being is 36.5°C. Below 36°C, medics usually looking at you with great concerns.)

My sense of smell and taste came back, and I’m so glad. I never been this happy when sniffing Vicks VapoRub with all my might. Ah, yes, that sharp childhood-pain smell 🥲

My appetite… Has been interesting. I know I want to eat food, but I never got actually hungry, you know? Like, you know when you feeling hungry, and you are actively looking for food? In my case, it’s more like a “ooh, chicken katsu curry would be nice. I want warm rice!” but there is no hunger. My friend told me to be aware of this and making sure I keep my appetite so my body will get the nutrients its needed. From my experience, this happens when my gut bacterias are disturbed (well, it’s Covid.) I should add yogurt and Yakult on my diet then.

The headache has been less than yesterday too. I felt greatly helped by this fella.

I just found out that in the western countries, this type of drink (we called it “isotonic drink” over here) is considered as sports drink.

The drink helped me to keep myself properly hydrated. Sometimes, just drinking regular water won’t cut it and it even “flushed” out some stuffs that your body actually needs. This drink helps in replacing the loss. The only downside is, this drink is soda-like, and I… tend to avoid soda. It gives this funny feeling on my nose.

A bit of TMI, I’ve been having runny nose and coughing more than usual today, especially earlier in the morning. I really hope this is a good sign as my body is actively getting rid of the virus.

Also, I think my body is less inflamed than yesterday (I really can’t find better expressions on this. So sorry.) Yesterday, I sensed some tiny ulcers on my tongue. Also, when I gargled using mouthwash, yes, RIP tongue and my gums felt like it was on fire. Today, no ulcers (yay!) and no pain on my gums.

Today’s lunch. Looking so fanceeeh with Japanese meal (chicken katsu curry bento, chuka iidako, and avocado veggie salad.)

And yes, I know what you are thinking. That what I ordered when I didn’t feel hungry. When they arrived, I just realized I’m hungry. So, yeah.

I might test myself again either tomorrow or the day after tomorrow (Saturday). Wish me luck!



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