“If Anything Happens I Love You” — Will McCormack, Michael Govier, and Youngran Nho

There are good books, and there are books that made you react like this.

From what I can remember, there were two books that I have read in my life which make me react exactly like how I illustrated above.

“Maus” (Art Spiegelman) and “The Handmaid’s Tales” (Margaret Atwood).

And now, it comes down to three books: “If Anything Happens I Love You” (Will McCormack, Michael Govier, Youngran Nho)

And no, the books are not not good. The books are fantastic, emotional, and they exude such strength which pulled you in and you are left with uneasiness on your gut because you know, you know, how the stories are not that far from our reality. You are faced with letters and pictures in front of you telling the truth and the horror, and you feel nothing but the immense urge to throw and slam the book down because you know the words inside it stepped a little bit too close for comfort.

I was in Kinokuniya Suria KLCC when I saw the book “If Anything Happens I Love You” at the lower shelf in Young Adult section. Children’s and Young Adult’s book section are my favorite area. “When the story is too difficult and too much for adults, make it for children,” some said that. Well, actually Guillermo del Toro said that in an interview with a Tiktok user. I forgot the link, and Tiktok UI/UX is a nightmare.

The book started with death.

Everyone talks about the day I died, which is a shame.

I love how the book does not glossed over life and death, and it just — wham — straight to the point. The book, however, celebrates life in all its glory through the eyes of death and talks about grief. At least that’s what I can take as a summary between me trying not to do ugly crying at the bookstore and having my eyes blurred from the tears.

It’s a story about a little girl named Rose. Rose had a wonderful family — her mother, her father, and her cat named Arnold. Math was her least favorite subject but her Math teacher, Ms. Rivera, was her favorite teacher.

Then one day, Rose died.

I was hoping they were fireworks, and then we realized what they were.

That’s when… … All the curses popped out inside my mind, you know. All the expletives went like a flood. Something bubbled, and I almost threw up.

I want to throw this book because it’s that good. 10000000/10. Must read.




One response to ““If Anything Happens I Love You” — Will McCormack, Michael Govier, and Youngran Nho”

  1. Santana Avatar

    Wow! This sounds gut wrenching, but in the best possible way. I had this feeling about Wally Lamb’s I Know This Much is True.

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