Drawing practice: A couple of works

I finally got myself a Copic set, and I opened them just a couple of days ago.

I learned to acquaint myself with Copic’s behavior and style. Copic colors are generally more muted and softer, while my Unicorn Art Marker has a more vivid color which gives a really nice variations.

This pond drawing is one of the firsts. I started the drawing annoyed because Copic LOOKED too dry for me. I spent coloring the water with a stream of curses left and right, but as I added more details and the sky blue color from Unicorn, it looked pretty great.

The second one is the usual house drawing.

The colors were flat and weird. At first, I decided to ditch the drawing. But then I revisited it again on the next day and used bold lineart as I’m feeling more comfortable with it. I’m pretty happy with how it looks like now.

As for the latest, it’s actually a drawing of my friend: Anien.

I really like her pose there, so I decided to illustrate it.




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