First time with Uni Posca

I’ve been seeing my friends using Uni Posca and I’m intrigued. Then, I just realized they are not available here in Malaysia, at least not in retail-wise. I had to order it online from a trading company specializing in stationeries.

I love using them, and I think it would be the same feelings when painting using gouache, yeah? My only gripe, though, is this.

I’m not sure if that’s expected or that piling caused by the marker and the paper. I’m using Moleskine sketchbook (yeah, yeah, I know…) so I’m thinking of doing another test on a more decent drawing/painting paper.

I love how “immovable” it is. You can literally put a different color on top of each layer and it won’t budge.

I combined the marker with my Uni Sketch Art Marker, and I love how they complement each others.




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