Playing God

So I had this question for my friends (or anyone who care to listen, anyway).

“Why does it feel addictive to create new blog? I’m talking about making new blog, looking at that “Hello, world!” WP-generated post — not typing new blog entries.”

My friend responded with, “because human’s creativity is unlimited.”

We are blessed with our ability to create; and for some, creating new things can be somewhat… Addictive. It’s like playing God, you know ? You have new “creations” and it feels like you give life to them.

Speaking of playing God, I remember this iOS app called GodFinger — so we play as a, obviously, God and we can give some kind of blessings or curses to our minions. It might be not far from the truth that one time I played it while laughing maniacally.

Now I wish I had the same addiction on maintaining my current blog (hint: THIS blog) Hmmm.


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