A thought about displaying the sketches

I know this is 80% of my anxiety and overthinking talking, and most folks won’t care anyway, but I’m concerned on how my blog looks (hah!)

Naturally, as Inktober is going on right now, I post sketches and drawings almost on daily basis. And I don’t feel things look… Pretty. You know, that kind of oh-so-awesum-so-professional-much-wow look. Mostly because I take pictures of my sketches with the whole book and the background (it’s my IKEA Poang chair — it’s the only representable stuff I have on this house YES IT’S A CHAOS OUT THERE, FOLKS.)

ANYWAY. I wanted to check if I can have better look by using Google PhotoScan. I might use this in the future, though. Or maybe taking picture with regular camera and crop/edit it would suffice?

Using Google PhotoScan
Regular iPhone camera

Now I’m going to retreat to my lair and questioning myself and my life decisions for the next 10 years.



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