Inktober 2019: Day 21

If I’m not too lazy (heh πŸ˜†) I usually go to a minimarket/convenience store nearby my place to buy lunch β€” onigiri (πŸ™), sandwiches, omurice (fried rice with ketchup, topped with omelette), or all of the above.

Whenever I’m there, the place usually packed with folks from nearby office buildings β€” and they are there to buy lunch too or snacks or some stationeries.

I guess I have this soft spot about convenience store. I love how they provide conveniences, some kind of a la carte needs for folks in a hurry, or a place for tourists to stop by and buy some necessities (during my trip to HK, my very first question was, β€œwhere’s the nearest convenience store?” πŸ˜‚)






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