Saturday Breakfast: Restaurant ‘ROSE’, Kuala Lumpur

Weekend usually means super unhealthy breakfast; filled with carbs, sodium, and almost everything your brain craves.

The word ‘Restoran’ is Indonesian/Malaysian’s adaptation from “restaurant”. The plaque ‘Food Trails’ from Kuala Lumpur Townhall hung proudly, as a proof the restaurant joined the local government’s effort of introducing the city’s historical and foodie side.

This restaurant provides Indonesian food, mostly from Sumatran side. So you are guaranteed to find rendang and tons of gulai (spicy stew, usually made from meat, chicken, gizzards, innards, and my favorite: tendons and tripes (I LIVE FOR THE DANGER)). Enjoy the dishes with warm jasmine steamed rice and have cold iced sweet tea to cool down the heat.

As for breakfast, we had lontong Medan. ‘Lontong’ is rice cakes, but this is different from Chinese and Japanese mochi (mochi is made from rice flour). ‘Lontong’ is made by putting rice into a hollowed container, usually from banana leaves, which gives its distinct greenish tinge. As a snack, folks sometimes put shredded chicken meat or savory veggies inside the lontong. As a whole meal, you can eat lontong with satay, or have it with Indonesian-style spicy veggie salad (gado-gado), or almost anything, really.

The beautiful monstrosity called Lontong Medan. Lontong with spicy gravy, filled with rendang sauce, crackers, jackfruit stew, hard-boiled egg, potato patties (we called it “perkedel”, from a Dutch word: “frikadel”), fried rice noodles (bee-hoon), and veggie stew.

And enjoy it together with kerupuk rambak/kulit, crackers made from cattle’s inner skin.

A once-a-week meal.

The outdoor display. Folks can take their own preferred dish and the restaurant staff will count it
The outdoor semi-kitchen for lontong medan
The outdoor kitchen for different dishes (fried rice and fried noodles)

Restaurant Rose

49a, Jalan Raja Alang, Kampung Baru, 50300 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur
019-611 0457




2 responses to “Saturday Breakfast: Restaurant ‘ROSE’, Kuala Lumpur”

  1. Fikri Rasyid Avatar

    I’ve come into my conclusion that Indonesian aesthetic is a beautiful mess: bunch of things being combined, and the result is super tasty either you very like it or it is really not your cup of tea; there’s nothing in between. Applied to food and the city’s dynamics so far 🤣

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Retno Nindya Avatar
      Retno Nindya

      Precisely! I love how things can be thrown away to one pile of randomness yet we enjoy every second of it 😄


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