How to grow my blog or website? Water it daily and enough sunshine? Don’t feed it after midnight?

Things usually pretty quiet on June – August because it’s summer break on most part of the world. I remember last year (2019), chat and e-mails were ghastly quiet, we even got chances to play tic-tac-toes on our Slack channel and some slapbot (a bot that you can send command to, uh, slap your colleague on the channel.)

Due to the pandemic, things look pretty constantly crowded. Folks staying at home and preferring to do things from one location to minimize risk starting to venture into website or blog building.

The latter was pretty “easy” (blogging.) You open a blogging service, including, create a blog, and voila, you have a blog.

The first one — building a website — not so. Even for seasoned veteran on website building, creating a website means you have to think about so many factors within the website. What kind of contents you want to have on the website? If it’s an online shop, what kind of products do you want to sell? What kind of color scheme that you want to use? Brand image? Should I blog too? How about SEO?

And speaking about SEO, even bloggers have the same questions — how do I build my online presence? I’m blogging for my livelihood, how do I expand and monetize that?

And trust me, those questions are asked on daily basis — and no, quite the contrary of folks might think — those questions are not silly questions! Just yesterday, I had a user who wanted to know more about themes and how to improve their website’s theme. They even asked if we can recommend some design books for them to check about WordPress theme — it’s super sweet! We discussed about color palette, color scheme, and accessibility. I learned a lot from their questions, especially on being mindful in regards to website readability and navigation.

If your website is hosted in (or maybe even it’s hosted anywhere? It should be okay, though! The more the merrier,) you are invited to join Growth Summit, our first ever summit for bloggers, creators, and business owners. You can learn and join sessions with product experts (I SEE ZELDMAN ON THE LIST!) and you can even meet our Happiness Engineers (in case you are sick of me 😆)

If you want to check more about Growth Summit, feel free to visit the website here: Growth Summit or read the team’s blog post on The First-Ever Growth Summit Is Coming, and You Won’t Want to Miss It

Interested on learning more about but Growth Summit is not your thing?

That’s okay! also have free daily webinar — yes, DAILY. I don’t know how my colleagues able to pull that off. DAILY. WEBINAR. DAILY. I have to drag my lazy bum just to blog once a week — that folks can join. The topic ranges from Quick Start on blogging to WooCommerce (can I have an amen from aspiring business owners?)

If you unable to join the webinar, you can still see the recordings on Automattic’s Youtube channel here.

To know more about the webinar, feel free to check it out on its website here: Webinar



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