Comfort Food

One day, one of my good friends texted me.

“Hey, I’m alone with my daughter at home and she has been feeling awful for the past two days due to cold. Do you have some kind of dish that you usually whipped out for your kids when they are feeling unwell? I ran out of options.”

I replied.

“Not exactly a comfort food, but I usually put ungodly amount of onions on the dish. I usually make this onion-egg fried rice. You only need rice, egg, and half the nation’s onions stock. Diced the onions whichever you like, heat the oil, put the onions in the oil — add a little bit of salt to let the water out and soften the onions — put the egg, scramble it, then put the rice.”

Anyway! I’ve been feeling quite off for the past week and culminated with annoying cold on last Sunday. Things feel bit better now, but I seriously need to get away from paracetamol for a day. So I made my breakfast with onions.

(And before anyone commented; distributed work. Viva la working from home and having onions for breakfast and wearing my UNIQLO Relaco pants with my feet on the chair while working.)

Not exactly onion-egg fried rice, but onion-egg sandwich.

I scrambled the egg afterwards because that’s how I like it. But to have it sunny-side up would be quite pleasantly aesthetically looking.

Put it on a toast. It’s not the handsomest sandwich on the block, but it’s one of the tastiest. Totally subjective.

Add it up with kaffir lime tea. I guess this is Indonesian-style tea, so you won’t taste the usual sour taste from lime. But you can smell the fragrance from kaffir lime leaves on the tea.

And that was the last teabag! Nooooo. It’s quite hard to find that brand here in Malaysia; and due to this pandemic, I can’t ask my sister to bring it here during her visit.

Anyway! What is your comfort food, and do you have specific recipes for it?




2 responses to “Comfort Food”

  1. Ditaa Avatar

    Mine is warm jasmine rice + sunny side up + seet soy sauce. Additionial garnish if available: beef/fish floss and shrimp crackers.

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    1. Nindya Avatar

      The beeessstttt! 💖 Shrimp crackers is life ✨


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