On WordPress and languages

Sometimes a user asked, or mentioned, that they found the translation of a string on their WordPress.com website using their preferred language is incorrect — and they want to know how to change it.

I usually use this opportunity to encourage them to contribute. One thing that I notice on how folks doing business is the minimum opportunity for consumers to contribute. Contribution usually equals with “feedback”, and public tends to see feedback as an unread letter addressed to a company which will never be read.

I really want to change that; and I guess this is something that WordPress as a community — so not WordPress.com only — wants to encourage.

So! What can you do if you see your website in your preferred language has a string/text/sentence translated incorrectly?

For WordPress.com, you can submit your translation here.

For WordPress.org — this is the core. The words and texts and sentences you see on WP Admin area — you can submit your translation here. You can also submit translations for other Automattic products such as WooCommerce and Jetpack; even third-party plugins and themes!

Every week, the translation validator will receive newsletters to nudge them to review the translations and approve/reject/edit it.

So go ahead and click the links to see any open translation projects in the language you are well-versed in and share your contributions to the community! ✨

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