Animal Crossing Rebooted (a couple of times)

A couple of days ago — last week, I guess? — I decided to restart my Animal Crossing game. I’ve been working on redesigning my island but I got stuck (mostly on the villagers’ houses and buildings) and it’s really expensive to relocate them. I refuse to use time traveling (you can set the date and time on your Nintendo Switch to do “time travel” so everything can go as fast as you want or you can turn back in time) because it’s too much of efforts for me.

So I deleted the saved files from Animal Crossing game and it whirred everything back to the moment we meet Timmy and Tommy on the airport as we embarked on our Deserted Island Getaway Package.

Other than the design-block, I also would like to replay the game in a more relaxed manner. I used to hunt bugs and fishes obsessively, I ended up wondered what should I do next. “This time,” I promised, “I will just go with the flow and not running around the island with bug nets and fishing pole.”


I ended up checking this site first:

It’s a website where you can design your island and use it as your layout plan/blueprint. I spent a good 45 minutes to check which island with the most optimum potential (land coverage, amount of bridges and inclines needed, and the distance between the island plaza to the airport.) Then, I restarted the game twice because I just feel the island was not it.

I ended up not using the website because they don’t have my island’s map. Well, they do, buuuut the beach rocks locations are tad incorrect.

So I screenshot-ed my island by opening Maps feature and transferred the image to my iPad.

I opened the image and clicked Edit so I can scribble on it to mark the areas I would like to put the shops, bridges, inclines, houses — and most importantly, landscape planning for easier access to the northern part of the island.

“Play it in relaxed manner,” yeah right.

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2 responses to “Animal Crossing Rebooted (a couple of times)”

  1. Eric Gunawan Avatar

    Definitely looks relaxing.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Nindya Avatar

      “I totally relaxed about catching bugs and fishes and sea creatures.


      I didn’t say anything about landscaping.”

      Liked by 2 people

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