Bee Hwa Cafe, Penang

We have been following a food blogger/vlogger from Malaysia, Ceddy, and he’s recommending the char kuey teow on this place.

Bonus: The food is muslim-friendly.

A bit of note, Penang folks are not joking when they said their food is delicious 😋

There is this… joke/anecdote about food peddler. The more unfriendly the seller is, the tastier the food is. The logic is: The seller doesn’t have time to be nice. They need to cook right away to serve the queue.

With Bee Hwa, that’s definitely the case. Not unfriendly, but as soon as we sat, the service staff asked with a rushed tone, “okay. Want what?” (“What are your orders?”)

We ordered three char kuey teow and one white curry mee for Rey (she hasn’t able handle spicy. We are working on it.)

And char kuey teow they delivered. It has subtle char taste (fire/charred) with enough spiciness but not too much and you can definitely taste the shrimp and the fish ball.

The glistening sparkles you see were not oil. It was the sauce filled with yumminess.

On a first glance, the portion might look smaller than usual char kuey teow. Don’t get fooled, it gives you a nice, satisfied full tummy afterwards. Wash it down with teh ais, and Penang’s hot weather no more.

I’m letting Rey’s face when eating white curry mee does the talking.

Definitely a must-have when we are visiting Penang for our next vacations.





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